I win races thanks to my Inuteq Bodycool Hybrid Jordi Tixier - Worldchampion MX2 2014
Famous athletes use INUTEQ cooling gear
INUTEQ, our partner providing us with ‘personal cooling solutions' to optimize thermal comfort & increase performance Mathieu Heijboer - Head of Performance - Team LottoNL-Jumbo
Becoming a World Champion
Cool Stuff ! Jordi Tixier - Worldchampion MX2 2014
Professional racers use INUTEQ cooling apparel

For Top Sporting Performance

Sporting effort will hugely effect your body. Your temperature rises, blood rushes to your head, and the sweat runs down your cheeks. Perspiration attempts to cool you down, but this is not enough when the body performs enduring activities. Your performance will drop, leading to early fatigue.

Professionals and worlds champions are using our technology during their matches and training. You will find our innovative products at bicycle teams (Tour de France), Formula 1, Motorcycle Grand Prix, Champions League soccer teams, MX cross teams, Olympic athletes and many other areas.

With innovative INUTEQ technology, you always keep your head cool. So that you can go even faster. Better. And higher. Until you reach your goal.