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INUTEQ-DRY® is a revolutionary evaporative cooling technology.

We have created our unique cooling system for environments where cooling is desired but resources are limited. The INUTEQ-DRY® cooling solution only requires a limited quantity of water (a vest filled with 500 ml) to provide maximum cooling for up to 3 days. Our products can be easily activated by filling them with tap water, after which the cooling process will start instantly. The cooling effect is based on the principle of natural evaporation, and therefore the result is dependent on local humidity and airflow.

The INUTEQ-DRY® technology is a durable solution, all products are machine washable and have antibacterial properties. INUTEQ-DRY® guarantees that you will stay 100% dry. Our products will cool you down to 15ºC below ambient temperature. The INUTEQ-DRY products perform best in environments with a low to average degree of humidity. The level of airflow determines the cooling effect.

Bodycool Smart

$ 144.95

The Bodycool Smart is the natural way of cooling. By just putting normal water inside the cooling vest, cooling will start right away.


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Headcool Smart Zip

$ 49.95

This Headcool Smart evaporative cooling cap is a lightweight and easy to activate product that will cool your head comfortably.


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