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Industrial safety / on the job 

For Tough Men and women on the job who need to keep a cool head

For men and women “on the job”, any kind of outdoor work is not only physically challenging but also requires smart and savvy measures, as even the fittest of workers are going to feel the impact of warm-hot weather with fairly high humidity levels.

For outdoor workers, this can be particularly challenging as the demands of daily work require them to work in hot and humid urban environments, where the ‘heat factor’ is actually compounded by traffic, buildings, and what have you.
Men on the job such as policemen, military men, constructions workers, firemen, rail road workers, miners, etc. are at a higher risk of suffering from heat stroke and extreme heat exhaustion because there’s only so much their bodies can do to keep them cool.

But you’re in luck – with INUTEQ’s innovative cooling vests and other cooling apparel, you can not only beat the heat but also do away with nuisances like sweaty hands and dizziness due to working long hours out in the sun – something which can pose a serious risk to not just your own wellbeing but also your co-workers and even the general public.

INUTEQ’s products boast unique cooling technologies which can help keep your head and body cool in extreme heat. We understand how professionals like you are tailored for certain jobs – jobs that other people refuse to do or simply don’t have the skills and abilities to do.

We love our servicemen and have created cooling technologies and apparel to ensure that you can safely perform your job from start to finish, without ever worrying about heat exhaustion.

When the mercury rises, the tough get going!

It’s inevitable – summers will arrive and with it comes high mercury readings. A heat wave is going to hit at some point, as news channels and articles online flood with ideas on how to stay cool. However, most of these tips and ideas involve staying indoors and finding cool spots to hang out such as your home or office, or even malls and movie theatres – places that are nice and chilly, thanks to air conditioning.

That’s perfectly sound advice for regular people, but what about ‘rough and tough’ hardworking people in, say, the defence or construction sector who must traverse all kinds of terrain under the sun and work in a variety of conditions, including blistering heat?

If you’re an outdoors worker, then you already know the challenges that come as part of the job. Taking breaks to go off into an air-conditioned room certainly isn’t an option as that will not only put a cap on your productivity but get you seriously ill due to the transition between hot and cold temperatures.
INUTEQ has you covered with cooling technologies that get the job done. Take the Bodycool 2BSafe, for instance – an evaporative cooling vest that not only keeps you visible to onlookers throughout the day and night, but also helps keep your body cool.

An ISO20471 Class2 certified product with ANSI compliance, this cooling vest is a practical and cost-effective solution for ‘men at work’, particularly men in construction and building. Activation of this evaporation-based cooling vest is quick and simple: soak in regular tap water for no more than 2 minutes and gently squeeze out excess water. Your evaporative vest can now be worn, instantly creating a pleasant and gratifying effect that cools off the body through evaporation for up to 8 hours, depending on humidity levels, ambient temperature and winds.

The Bodycool T-shirt is made from lightweight materials – 100% nylon with Spandex panels on the inside and 100% nylon fabric on the outside, with the core made from INUTEQ-H20® superabsorbent cooling fabric featuring antibacterial properties. Very easy to activate and reactivate, just like all INUTEQ body cooling apparel, this evaporative t-shirt provides cooling relief of up to 15°C below ambient temperature.

The Bodycool Xtreme cooling vest is another innovative product that can help you beat the heat and stay cool outdoors, as you go about meeting the physical challenges and demands of the job. Whether you’re serving in the police or military, or a railroad worker, this snug fitting evaporative vest is the coldest one we have at INUTEQ.

Made from 100% polyvinyl alcohol fabric and highly breathable in the warmest and most humid of conditions, the Bodycool Xtreme cooling vest evaporation has been designed for easy activation, keeping you comfortable and cool for many hours on end. The special storage tube ensures that your evaporative cooling vest is stored properly and gives you the same level of cooling the next time you step out.

Firemen face tough situations day in and day out, where they must swiftly act and make the right decision. Even if you’re not a fireman and someone who works in a chemical plant, construction, railroad maintenance, or the police – all jobs that demand working in fairly hot and humid temperatures around certain times of the year – the CoolPac 24°C can help you get the job done safely and more efficiently.

The bio-based PCM pacs are the only REACH and USDA-certified Phase Change Material (PCM) pacs currently available on the EU market – offering improved fire safety, high latent heat capacities, safer handling, better long term stability and sourced only from recyclable materials. Available in temperature ranges from 6.5°C to 29°C.

No better way to beat the heat

Even though there are a number of measures you can take to stay cool outdoors, nothing quite keeps your body temperature in check and your head cool like INUTEQ’s cooling technologies.