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Bodycool Hybrid
Bodycool Hybrid
Bodycool Hybrid
Bodycool Hybrid

Bodycool Hybrid

€ 95.95
sport | motorcycling | healthcare

The Bodycool Hybrid 2 in 1 cooling vest is created for multiple sport purposes and commonly used as pre-post cooling vest by athletes.

Vest only, please order the INUTEQ-PAC® bio-based PCM cooling inserts separately.


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Hybrid 2 in 1 cooling solution for ultimate relief: Evaporative INUTEQ-H2O® Cooling Fabric for 2-8 hours of cooling relief per soaking and INUTEQ-PAC® bio-based Phase Change Material inserts maintain a comfortable constant temperature for up to 2,5 hours (depends, using the 6.5°C or 15°C inserts).

* incorporates a unique cooling technology
* machine washable and has antibacterial properties
* easy to use and re-use
* lightweight, non-toxic and durable
* CE-marked



  • cool
    the pack
  • insert in your garment
  • immediate cooling



Exterior: 100% Polyester fabric.
Core: INUTEQ-H2O® superabsorbent cooling fabric with antibacterial treatment.
Liner: Polyester with PU coating.
Pockets: Polyesther Mesh.
Pockets for inserts: Four (2 Front, 2 Back).
Closure: Front opening zipper.