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Bodycool Xtreme

The Bodycool Xtreme is developed to fit tight around your body and give the ultimate cooling effect.

Bodycool Xtreme
Bodycool Xtreme
$ 79,95

About this product

This snug fitting cooling shirt is the coldest we have ! It is stored inside a tube, so you can get it out and wear it when needed.


Activation is easy. Before the first use soak the shirt in water for one minute and let it dry completely. Then soak the shirt again in clean water for one minute and gently squeeze out any excess water. Your shirt is now ready for use, and will keep you comfortably cool for several hours. For storage, keep your shirt in the special storage tube. It can be stored damp or hung to dry. The shirt becomes stiff when it is dried completely.

1) Soak in water
2) Gently squeeze out excess water
3) Enjoy immediate cooling

100% Polyvinyl Alcohol Fabric
Polyester breathable knitted eyelet fabric

Machine washable.


centimeters | inches
[a] shoulder to shoulder 38,0 15,0 40,0 15,7 42,0 16,5 44,5 17,5 47,0 18,5 49,5 19,5
[b] cross chest front 29,0 11,4 31,0 12,2 33,0 13,0 36,0 14,2 39,0 15,4 42 16,5
[c] 1/2 bottom width 46,0 18,1 48,0 18,9 50,0 19,7 53,0 20,9 56,0 22,0 59 23,2