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Bodycool Pro

Our rugged all-round Bodycool Pro PCM cooling vest offers constant cooling and heat stress protection for professionals who
need expert cooling underneath protective industrial clothing in extreme heat situations. INUTEQ-PAC products are also suitable for medical applications where constant cooling is required.

Bodycool Pro
Bodycool Pro
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$ 79,00

About this product

This cooling Bodycool Pro vest performs under extreme temperatures and under every level of humidity.

Offering exact temperatures, the Bodycool Pro is often used under military combat gear, hazardous materials suits, mascot costumes and other professional apparel.

The inside of the vest is provided with 4 pockets in which our bio-based PCM cooling packs (to order seperately) can be inserted. Our PCM cooling packs are available in 5 different temperatures, but we recommend the following temperatures to use in work activities:
21°C/ 70°F
24°C/ 77°F
29°C/ 84°F.

Buckles allow a tight fit, while being stored safely in the pockets of the vest. Reactivation is fast and easy: simply put the pack in ice water, freezer or fridge or store it at a lower temperature until it becomes fully solid.

Please order the INUTEQ-PAC bio-based PCM cooling inserts separately.




Outer material: Robust Canvas
Liner: Polyester Mesh
Pockets: Polyesther Mesh
Pockets for inserts: Four (2 Front, 2 Back) Adjustment: Waist line
Closure: Front opening zipper


centimeters | inches
[a] shoulder to shoulder 37,8 14,9 39,0 15,4 40,3 15,9 41,5 16,3 42,8 16,9 44,0 17,3
[b] cross chest front 32,8 12,9 34,0 13,4 35,3 13,9 36,5 14,4 37,8 14,9 39,0 15,4
[c] 1/2 bottom width 47,8 18,8 50,0 19,7 52,3 20,6 54,5 21,5 56,8 22,4 59,0 23,2