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How Cooling Can Improve Your Concentration during Golf

Sports activities require a lot of physical effort, which causes fatigue and loss of energy to concentrate. And this happens at a much faster rate when it’s already a scorching summer day. As your body temperature rises and your heart pumps blood rapidly to the whole body, you will start to sweat more and more. Although the body’s natural mechanism of sweat gives a cooling effect, this still is insufficient when it comes to high endurance activities like golf. In this situation, you will fatigue early, and this will negatively affect your performance. This article will guide you how you can avoid the excessive heat and cool down your body while playing golf so can focus well in the game.

The golf game requires good muscle endurance, that means you will have to be on your feet for long hours, and you must have sufficient strength in your arms for those long-distance shots. But during hot summer days, you will sweat a lot and wear out early, which will cause you to lose focus during the game. The best solution to avoid this situation is to use a cooling accessory to maintain body temperature. Cooling helps you retain your body heat and lower the heart rate, which in turn improves your concentration in the game.

Cooling the body before, during and after a sports event can help to maintain the core body temperature, sustain a steady heart rate and also prevent dehydration due to excessive sweating. Research shows that the use of cooling vests can provide a significant thermoregulatory advantage to athletes who exercise in hot and humid conditions (J Webster et al.; 2007). Using a cooling device becomes essential in an endurance requiring sport like golf where you have to play for several hours under the scorching sun making you more vulnerable to excessive sweating. A cooling vest or cooling arm sleeves might prove to be the best tool for you to avoid the heat stress and focus on your shots and drives.

Cooling Accessories will help you prevent heat stress
The body’s average core temperature is 37-38° Celsius, but exercise and external heat raise the body temperature, which the body responds by sweating. Evaporation of the sweat cools down the body. But the more you sweat, the more your body works harder, and all your energy gets directed towards this cooling process, in turn leaving less energy for you to focus on the performance. Using a cooling accessory can help you avoid this situation, so can continue to enjoy your golf game for a more extended period. Here at INUTEQ, we have the top quality personal cooling products made with the latest technology which help you keep your body fresh during your sports activities. Many of the top world athletes and even world champions are using INUTEQ cooling products. With INUTEQ technology, you can keep yourself fresh and focus on your goal.