Bodycool Sleeves - Black pair

The cooling effect generated by the products using this technology is not chemically treated but comes from the special technology within the INUTEQ-QCK® cooling fabric.

The INUTEQ-QCK® fabric is extremely strong, soft and flexible as well as lightweight. INUTEQ-QCK® products are ideal for sports, camping, exercising, leisure or any outdoor activity where you need some comfortable cooling.

Simply ‘WET IT’ – ‘WRING IT’ and ‘SNAP IT’ – ready to use!

Bodycool Sleeves - Black pair
Bodycool Sleeves - Black pair
$ 19,00

About this product

The Bodycool arm sleeves have many sweat-wicking and UV protection properties to keep you cool and safe during all activities. Great for golf, fishing, driving, cycling and all other kinds of outdoor and indoor activities, even at the workplace.



Available sizes: S - L