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Cooling Helps to Survive a Hot Day

We all have experienced those brutally hot summer days when we get all sweaty and exhausted even after a few hours of working. As the weather becomes unbearably hot, we all search for ways to keep our body cool and comfortable by consuming more refreshing drinks and staying indoors as much as we can. But sometimes having a cold beverage is not enough when you are outdoors, and the heat becomes scorching. In this situation, you might feel the need to use cooling devices like portable fans, face mists and cooling garments. It is essential to use such accessories to keep your body cool and fresh during these hot days so you can feel more comfortable and avoid heat stress.

How Heat Stress Affect the Body
Every year a vast number of people are affected by heatstroke, and some even die due to severe dehydration. Although heatstroke usually occurs when the body temperature rises above 40° Celsius, even the less critical temperature around 35° can tire you quickly during outdoor activities in this hot weather. When the temperature increases, your body starts sweating to release the extra heat. When the sweat evaporates, it gives the body a cooling effect but sweating too much will also consume all your energy and make you feel exhausted quicker than usual. Older people are at a higher risk of heatstroke, so they need to take special care in hot weather. Using cooling products can be a great solution as they help you to maintain your core body temperature by producing cooling effect so you can avoid excessive sweating, in turn, preventing the heat stress situation.
Research suggests that using cooling vests can help cool down and lower the increased physiological strain in people taking part in progressively incremental exercises without even affecting their performance (Chan, Albert P.C et al.; 2019). So whether you are participating in sports activities or doing strenuous work, using personal cooling essentials is the best way to avoid the scorching heat so you can continue your activities for a longer time without having to worry about the hot weather.

Some Effective Ways to Prevent Heat Stress
Heat stress is a state when the body is trying hard to release the excess heat caused by high environmental temperature and humidity or strenuous physical activities. As the person’s body continues to store more heat, they become irritable and loses focus and might even faint if not cooled down early. Cooling is essential to avoid heat stress, and the most effective ways for this are drinking enough fluids to stay hydrated, staying away from extreme sunlight as much as possible and using personal cooling accessories when outdoors and during strenuous physical work.

Use Personal Cooling Accessories to Beat the Heat
Personal cooling accessories such as cooling vests can provide you with a cooling sensation and prevent excessive sweating. You can wear these products daily without any discomfort. There is a variety of other cooling products you can use according to your need and comfort.