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10 Tips for Cooling Down

For many people, summers mean BBQs, beach, cricket, pool parties, etc. However, there might be days when it gets scorching and uncomfortable. Therefore, we present you some tips for cooling down and enjoying summers to the fullest!

1. Close your blinds
You may want to consider closing your blinds, especially on north and west-facing windows, to cool your home. Investing in some good black-out curtains to shield your home from the harsh summer sun can also help.

2. Heat Blocking
Staying indoors can be effective only when the heat is blocked sufficiently. In this scenario, your investment in insulation will pay you high dividends. Use of green spaces surrounding your house walls facing the sun can help you save on air conditioning.

3. Heat and Heart
In summers, excessive heat may get your heart to beat faster and harder. So, while running, make sure you remain hydrated adequately and carry a cooling towel while leaving for even a small run. During high temperatures, your heart rate is affected even at a usual pace. So make sure to take it easy and follow cooling down methods and take regular breaks in the middle of your workout.

4. Chill out
With high temperatures, it would be hard to keep fresh. But staying hydrated by sipping on plenty of drinks such as water, cold beverages, juices and slush puppy can help you cool your core. All these will also help your body to remain in better shape and regulate heat. You will be at less risk in high temperatures.

5. Choosing the Right Clothing
The problem with cotton fabrics is that they absorb your sweat with slow evaporation. So, choosing the right material that is super breathable is excellent. Make sure that you wear light and loose clothing made of breathable fabrics. Shirt and shorts are only part of your outfit; however, a cap or a light scarf can protect your head and keep your face in the shade. UV protected sunglasses can also be a great addition to your summer outfit.

6. Skin Care
Excessive heat can have a significant effect on one's skin, especially when in direct contact. You may want to reconsider exercising or long walks in the sun. Choosing a path where more sunshade is available would be great. In case of exposure to heat, wearing appropriate UV protecting sunblock cream can help.

7. Cooling Vests
Cooling vests can help regulate your body temperature. There are several options available when choosing a cooling vest for yourself. There are vests powered by batteries on the expensive side while passive cooling vests are usually cheaper.

8. Being Ambitious
You must give up on being ambitious in your exercise goals during summers. During hot days, your body may need more time to recover. Being over-ambitious may make you feel lethargic and dehydrated. Make sure, to cool it down and listen to your body.

9. Minerals
Your body may lose on precious minerals and salt during the hot and humid season. Therefore, having a well-balanced diet that is rich in fibre and minerals is essential to maintaining overall well-being. Bananas, dried apricots and whole grains are considered good sources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during summers.

10. Cold Shower
You may also like to shed off all the sweat and dust of the day with a cold shower. Having a cold shower can help you in cooling down, and provide much-needed freshness that you need after a hot day.