Helps keeping my focus in deciding moments ! Fireman Tigo Scherpendael
Standard Gear Firemen
Fight Heat Stress During Construction
We must stay focussed
Railroad maintenance
Thanks to INUTEQ...they make sure we keep our head cool! TFA Team Hamburg - Toughest Firefighter Alive
Working at a Chemical Plant

For greater safety and comfort

Employees exposed to extreme heat in the workplace are at increased risk of physical injury. Heat stroke, sweaty hands and dizziness can put them in harm’s way, just as surely as if they were walking a tightrope a mile high. Scientific studies also confirm that working in high temperaturen can significantly impact on productivity.

Our products are widely used by for example (rail)road workers, fireman, miners, construction workers, policemen, military.

With the innovative INUTEQ technologies and products, they always keep their heads cool in even the most hazardous situations. So that they continue to give their best in a safe working environment.