Partners and Projects

In collaboration with our partners worldwide, we are working hard to improve our products and offering new solutions to a wider area of applications.

Our distributors will offer our complete range of products to local markets globally. Please contact us to find your local distributor or if you want to become an INUTEQ reseller.

Private Label / OEM

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our INUTEQ® catalogue, you may want to consider placing a private label order. Since we do all of our developing & manufacturing in-house, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to custom orders, including the ability to use custom patterns, stitching, colors, and fabrics.

Product Customization

Design your own products with our unique cooling technologies. Custom designs, sizes, colors and styles are available.

We can place your brand label on our products. This enables you to sell them under your name and enhance customer retention. INUTEQ® Private Label has global partnerships that ensure we can deliver your custom order on time and at the best possible price.

We are dedicated to helping you!


team jumbo-VISMA

INUTEQ is the official supplier of Team Jumbo-VISMA,

the reputable Dutch ProCycling Team

INUTEQ develop and supply custom-made personal cooling solutions to this professional ProCycling team. It's all about thermal comfort, performance enhancement and quicker recovery.



ALPINESTARS, World-leading manufacturer of professional racing products & high-performance motorcycle apparel

INUTEQ® manufactures the unique ALPINESTARS cooling vest powered by the INUTEQ-DRY® technology, to wear on the motorbike.


New, very ambitious high-end brand from Switserland

Unique innovative cooling pet products, dog cooling vestst and dog cooling mattresses developed & manufactured by INUTEQ.



Global reputable brand and
market experts intotal head safety at work

Keep your Head Cool! Centurion and INUTEQ did develop a new, unique innovative cooling crown pad to wear with the safety helmet - launched summer 2018.



ERGODYNE is the leading industrial distributor in the US

Since 1983, ERGODYNE has pioneered the development of products that Make The Workplace A Betterplace™.
ERGODYNE delivers the most innovative, well-crafted safety gear and training solutions that safety pros demand, workers desire and jobsites require providing protection, improving productivity, and ensuring compliance; all driving towards the goal of zero injuries.

INUTEQ® designs & manufactures unique personal cooling solutions for ERGODYNE.



WORLD'S largest supplier of costume cooling vests

EZ Cooldown is world’s largest supplier of cooling vests in the costume performer market.

INUTEQ develop & manufacture custom-made INUTEQ-PAC biobased Phase Change Material (PCM) inserts, which are integrated in the EZ Cooldown cooling vests and neck bands.



MACNA is a reputable Dutch brand, specialized in developing safe & comfortable motorcycle gear

INUTEQ® manufactures the unique MACNA cooling vest powered by the patented INUTEQ-DRY® technology, to wear on the motorbike.



SUITICAL is a reputable Dutch brand, focused on
recovery, comfort and welfare of cats & dogs

INUTEQ® designs & manufactures a unique cooling dog vest for SUITICAL, powered by the INUTEQ-DRY® cooling technology.



USA based company ThermApparel is an expert in
personal cooling vests for medical applications

INUTEQ manufacture custom-made INUTEQ-PAC biobased Phase Change Material (PCM) inserts, which are integrated in the ThermApparel cooling vests.



Exclusive Technology Partnership

INUTEQ signed an exclusive technology partnership agreement with CRODA, the global leading company in bio-based chemistries.

The INUTEQ-PAC® cooling inserts, are powered by the unique CrodaTherm™ biobased Phase Change Materials (PCM) and are USDA certificated as 100% biobased.

Both, the biobased PCM (in 6.5C, 15C, 21C and 29C) and the INUTEQ-PAC®  inserts are 100% made in the Netherlands.


crossroads 2 project

INUTEQ is project partner at crossroads2

interreg | european union

A more efficient cooling increases the performance of athletes and can therefore have an impact on the result of a race. A number of companies from Flanders and the Netherlands therefore want to devise and test new ways of cooling. They get support from CrossRoads2.

A cyclist who rides 50 kilometers per hour needs a power of about 500 watts on the pedals. Approximately 2000 watts of heat is produced during this effort. The Cooling Platform project looks at how it can discharge this heat more efficiently via innovative outfits. The project partners trust that several national cycling teams will wear their uniforms in the future.

A first step in the project is mapping out the know-how of the various partners. The companies involved are very complementary. Bioracer (Flanders' Bike Valley) produces the suits of the Belgian and Dutch national teams, the company INUTEQ International BV makes various personal cooling applications, the Cycling Performance Center is a sports medicine center and Storex has a lot of experience with the thermal regulation of spaces.

Flanders’ Bike Valley

Flanders’ Bike Valley (“The Global Cycling Center”) is an Open Innovation Center for the Cycling Industry

Flanders’ Bike Valley focuses on 6 major topics: Mobility, Sports (involvement of Belgian Cycling Foundation and Belgian Olympic Committee), Safety and Healthcare, Science & Technology, Industry & Government and Tourism.

INUTEQ® is member & partner of Flanders Bike Valley.





AEGIS is a not-for-profit dedicated organization 

Aegis provides cooling products to gulf migrant workers to protect them from the dangers of heat exposure.

Every day, thousands of Gulf migrant workers are trapped in adverse working conditions. With all identification seized by the companies for which they work, it is difficult for these workers to advocate for their rights.
One of the main issues faced by these workers is the extreme heat of the Gulf region. Faced with hard labour in the harsh desert sun, migrant workers often die of heart conditions associated with heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Through innovation and awareness, Aegis is a not-for-profit organization aiming to improve the lives of migrant workers.

INUTEQ® is the official partner & supporting supplier for AEGIS.