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The Importance of Drinking Water

Water is an essential part of our lives. About 70 per cent of water makes up a human body. Glaciers trap more than half of the world’s freshwater. All individuals, depending upon their body mass index, are required to maintain a certain amount of hydration. Adequate hydration is necessary to keep the human body at its optimal performance with loads of energy. For instance, as people age, they experience low performance in several areas of their bodies. One of the most common symptoms is a pain in joints. And mostly the reason is less intake of water.

Water makes up most of the areas in the human body, especially the spine, discs, and joints. It acts as a lubricant between the bones, and overtime less hydration leads to inflammations, knee and joints pains. Water has a lot to do in many other areas, like developing our saliva and mucus. Saliva helps in digesting food and keeps nose, mouth and several other areas moist.

Water delivers oxygen almost throughout our bodies. As blood’s primary ingredient is water, it carries oxygen to different parts of the human body. The body’s cells would not have survived without water. Interestingly, a human can survive for an extended period without food but would be unable to survive without water. As the water is pumped throughout the human body by blood, releasing enormous amounts of oxygen, one can understand the effects it has on skin health and beauty.

Upon listening to several upscale models and beauty specialists, one can quickly conclude that all of them recommend an adequate amount of sleep and water intake. Not having enough water would result in dry skin. During hot summer days, we use water as a cooling medium. A person suffering from excessive heat would discharge an enormous amount of sweat. And not having enough hydration would stop the cycle, leading to dehydration which may become fatal for some.

Dehydration is also a significant source of causing digestive problems and constipation. Hence, an adequate amount of water is necessary to avoid digestive issues. One of the most essential roles the water plays in a human body is preventing kidney damage. Insufficient water in kidneys leads to developing stones inside the kidneys, which create several problems. Kidneys help the body pass waste as urine. This detoxification is an essential part of human anatomy. It acts as a cleansing agent in the human body while flushing body waste.

Lack of water intake would result in making the blood thicker, which would result in increased blood pressure. Water makes several minerals and nutrients, essential for a human body, accessible. These nutrients dissolve in water and circulate through the body as per requirement. Water also helps in putting up excellent performance during exercise. A good workout is incomplete without proper hydration. Adequate water intake also helps in reducing weight and managing stress. Water is a great stress reliever.

From simple beginnings of organisms to complex plants, animals, and humans, water plays a critical role in our lives. It is a matter of survival for us as species to maintain adequate hydration of which water plays a significant role.