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Donating Cooling Vests to Healthcare Workers

Every profession carries its importance. Healthcare, however, has a different meaning altogether, probably because they represent a calling. It is considered a noble profession around the globe as the job is all about helping people. Depriving someone of his or her illness has a more fulfilling feeling that one can see from their eyes. But it has its cons too. However, the pros always take over the cons when talking about healthcare professionals.

We get the fact that healthcare as a profession has its appeal, considering the high pay and job stability. There are several opportunities hidden in this profession, considering what one opts for as a specialisation. All specialisations in healthcare that you choose will not only bring in a rewarding career but an internal satisfaction of serving the community and humanity.

The healthcare profession acts like an army that protects a country upon need. Healthcare has always shown the courage needed to heal the world. The COVID-19 virus pandemic has put the world at a halt. Developing countries are nearing bankruptcy. Economies are falling, and, likely, the world may not be the same as we all knew pre-corona.

Also the Netherlands has witnessed the worst pandemic with thousands of people suffering from coronavirus. The healthcare professionals work hard, day and night to relieve the people from their suffering. In this scenario, personal protective equipment plays an important role to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals.

The healthcare professionals have always been at the forefront. A lot of people get affected due to exposure to excessive heat. The priority of paramedic staff is to cool down the victim and bring back the average temperature of the body. Rising temperatures in humans can lead to suffering in many ways like experiencing nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, excessive sweating and dehydration.

An appropriate level of hydration during hot summer days is essential. Several electrolytes and minerals are needed to keep the human body at an optimal level. The healthcare professionals, however, are only able to help people once they are safe. Apart from drinking ample amount of water daily, wearing appropriate clothes as per the weather conditions, cooling vests have shown excellent results.

A cooling vest helps the human body to cool down during extreme temperatures by tricking the human body about the heat. Cooling vests ensure the ambient blood temperature to cool down and prevent possible heat-stress. During such conditions, many countries donate cooling vests to their paramedical staff to ensure their work safety. Giving personal protective equipment helps healthcare professionals to ensure personal safety while helping to relieve people from heat-stress. Many corporates consider this as an essential part of their corporate social responsibility strategy.

INUTEQ develops innovative personal cooling technologies and products that help sportspeople, healthcare professionals, etc. The company, with its 20 years of experience provides tailored solutions for every situation. Corporate organisations can join hands in developing solutions that would help healthcare professionals in cases where humanity comes above everything.