Coolpac 6.5˚C / 43˚F - 8 cells White (set of 4 units)

Coolpac 6.5˚C / 43˚F - 8 cells White (set of 4 units)

$ 119,95

"Ice" on a constant temperature of 6.5˚C / 44˚F. For when exact temperatures are of the essence. 

These extra cold 6.5˚C / 44˚F cool packs are mainly used for pre-post cooling of athletes and for cooling in case of an injury or after medical treatment.
The only REACH and USDA 100% biobased certificated PCM available on the market.




This renewable 100% biobased Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling technology, is produced with materials of vegetable origin.

The INUTEQ-PAC® products outperform paraffin and salt hydrates PCM in a number of areas:

*Improved fire safety
*Long term stability
*High latent heat capacities
*Safer handling
*Sourced from recyclable materials

We offer 5 different temperatures for the different applications:

6.5°C / 44°F
15°C / 59°F
21°C / 70°F
24°C / 75°F
29°C / 84°F

Our biobased PCM is non-toxic, low-flammable, durable, reusable, 20% lighter than water, and do not produce condensation.

For use with the below Bodycool vests:

Bodycool Pro
Bodycool Hybrid




Activation: simply put the product in ice water or freezer until it becomes fully solid.

1) Cool the pack
2) Inserts into garment pockets
3) Enjoy constant cooling

Cooling duration: up to 1,5 hours.
Weight: approx. 0,34kg per insert (total 4 in one vest).
Sizes one element: 15 x 31,4 cm.

  • cool
    the pack
  • insert in your garment
  • immediate cooling


100% biobasd Phase Change Material (PCM).